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Entry #136

Back from the Beach

2012-08-13 16:24:01 by Timmy

Good waves, warm days (most of them) and a nice sunburn.

Consider me recharged.

Back from the Beach


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2012-08-13 16:39:02

the beach is fun, especially with the huge waves and what not.

Timmy responds:

Indeed - bigger waves are not always better, but big waves that hold their shape are perfect.


2012-08-13 16:53:19

Welcome back.

Timmy responds:

Thank you, tsukikomi


2012-08-13 17:11:51

Glad to hear it. What will you do before you get your BAR exam results?

Timmy responds:

PA doesn't get released until mid-October, and NJ doesn't get released until November.


2012-08-13 18:36:29

Pictured: Timmy and me. 41d02fd4ff2c1fedf534f8

Timmy responds:

You're the human, I assume?


2012-08-16 23:50:43

Where'd you stay, Atlantic City? I hear it's nice this time of year.

Timmy responds:

Nah - I was further south than that in OC.

Did spend some time in AC, though - it's definitely fun.


2012-08-21 15:23:35

damn timmy its been a long time since we touched peen0rs

Timmy responds:

My peen0r is safely tucked in my pants.


2012-08-25 02:03:38

Where hell are you?

Timmy responds:

I am hibernating.


2012-08-25 02:23:20

God, it's winter where I am, and my house doesn't have insulation.

Timmy responds:

Good lord, set your couch on fire immediately.